Clay, bugs, & twitchy pasty scientists

1:12 scale for my steampunk dollhouse, I made the table and blueprint box out of balsa wood, stained with watered-down acrylic paint. The metal  fancy thingies on the box are little metal bits for scrapbooking, with pointy brackets at the ends, so they’re stuck all the way through the wood and I had to flatten the tips inside a little. The blueprints are printed out on both sides, and they are mostly from rsandberg on DeviantArt and I’m sorry for using them without credit but you can’t really see them so hopefully the artist won’t mind. Shrunk down to less than an inch square nobody could tell what’s on them without a magnifying glass. The old can holding pens/pencils and the boxes are from printed out vintage can and box labels I found online, and cut and folded and glued. I measured out the plug box so it would be the right size to hold the Christmas light fuses. The surface of the table top I wanted to look very used, like he has written equations and tested pens on it, left leaky coffee cup rings, and dripped solder from his various projects.

Even the tiny tools were found by somebody else and given to me and all the rest is handmade except the decorative metal box pieces and the teacup. I do not have a lot of money but it’s made me have to figure out how to make pieces I would just buy otherwise so that’s good!

  • 2 February 2013
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